BUSINESS COACHING & GROWTH STRATEGY for purpose driven women entrepreneurs

BUSINESS COACHING & GROWTH STRATEGY for purpose driven women entrepreneurs


Recovering corporate powerhouses, female founders, consultants, agency owners...

Yes, you can grow your business by multiple six figures in one year...

...even if you are stuck in the pursuit of 5 figure months or fledgling as you flirt with 7 figures.

You are more powerful than you know.

This is your moment. Your opportunity to build a business nurtured from the heart. One where growth isn't about pushing for outcomes, but embracing the vast possibilities for the future. Your future, and the world's future. 

I'm a stickler for results. I specialize in coaching women one-on-one (a rarity in itself), because I've seen firsthand the life changing impact and immeasurable value of this connection for women from all walks of life and in all kinds of niches.

I know that walking this journey alone can be daunting.

In December of 2022 I made 100k in a month for the first time - without a funnel, launch or tireless hustle. Despite that success (following my own process) I still bought into spending a fortune on the newest program, mastermind or course creator - only to realize one time after another that I was the one who had been hustled.
Building a successful business ONLINE or OFFLINE requires real work with the right strategy. I know, because I’ve built businesses and strategic growth plans for over 20 years.
In 2023 alone, I’ve witnessed more than 30 women hit revenue and impact goals - and activate their dream life - through the work we did together.
What about you?

Are you ready to soar?

Apply to work with me 1:1 for 6/12 months or get 30 Days With Dora - a personalized Sales and Business Growth intensive.


1:1 Business Coaching and Strategic Growth Advisory changes everything.

I work with impact-driven women who refuse to sit on their vision or follow someone else's success path. Together we activate a flywheel of limitless opportunity based on the following foundations...

A Relationship Driven Sales Process

Shorten your runway to six figure quarters, months and contracts while building life changing relationships.

Market Activation

Identify and test audiences so you can leverage authentic relationships and sell with confidence and HEART.  

Strategic Growth Planning

Create a strategic growth plan aligned with your business model and revenue/impact goals to support your sales and marketing.

Less Is More Marketing

Take your time (and sanity) back from social media with a simple marketing strategy that builds your authority.

I see you. You have a fierce intellect and feisty willingness. You aren't afraid of fast action.

You are ready to move from frenzied growth to strategic growth plan.

Stop worrying about where your sales will come from and start building a sustainable sales process.

Build the business of your dreams.


If you're over the courses, the masterminds and the shiny objects.

If you are done spending thousands of dollars and not getting results.


1:1 Business Coaching + Strategic Growth Advisory is for you if...

    You've been told over and over you are an overachiever, a top performer - and you are ready to invest in finally running the show your way and fulfilling your potential.
    You know relationship building could be your extended super power - and you crave a business built on authentic and mutually beneficial relationships. 
    You thrive within your zone of genius, but are unsure what actions will scale your business - and don't want to waste time and money figuring it out. 
    You are committed and willing to get uncomfortable, be challenged, execute, iterate and up-level - so you can have the ease, comfort and financial freedom you've been looking for.

1:1 Business Coaching + Strategic Growth Advisory is NOT for you if...

    You are looking for a quick fix or need fast cash
    You see business as purely a money play - my people love to make money, but are also acutely purpose driven.
    Investing in support at this time would be stressful for you - check out my free resources to get started!

● 6 months of 1:1 coaching and advisory starts at $15k.

● 30 Days with Dora, a month long Sales and Business Development intensive

Ready to invest in bringing your next level to life?

My clients and I don't just work together.

We play together.

We grow together. 

We soar together.