BUSINESS COACHING & GROWTH STRATEGY for purpose driven women entrepreneurs

BUSINESS COACHING & GROWTH STRATEGY for purpose driven women entrepreneurs

Ready to earn life changing amounts of money while living your purpose, and want to take action NOW? This is for you!


Exceed Your Revenue Goal For 2024

Join me for a personalized 30 Day Sales and Business Development Deep Dive!

    Work with me 1:1 for 30 Days
    Two 60 min. 1:1 strategy sessions
    30 days of 1:1 Voxer coaching
    Walk away with an outline of a weekly growth plan customized to your business - and your goals!

Hurry! Spaces are limited to 4 per month!

Digital marketing is not a substitute for proper business development.

Stop building and polishing offers, frameworks, proposals and social media plans.

Stop waiting to be found.

Together, we can find your people.

This plan will not rely on social media, paid marketing, a large audience, or confusing tech tools. It will be relationship driven.

In just 30 days, we will outline a weekly growth plan that you can follow to make six figure quarters, months, and contracts possible for you.

You will know exactly what to do, when to do it, and how to do it.

Get your custom growth plan + TWO 1:1 strategy sessions + 30 days of Voxer coaching.


Amodhi WeeresingheFounder of HCL Designs

Working with Dora was transformative for me, especially when I transitioned to full-time in my business. I was initially scattered in my approach, especially regarding our services and team dynamics. Dora's guidance was instrumental in refining our offerings, reorganizing our team structure, and making some challenging but necessary decisions.
One key area Dora helped me with was understanding the value we provide to clients and the workload we handle. This led to a significant increase in our deal size – from an average of $35K to a range of $70K-250K. She also coached me on setting boundaries within the team, allowing me to focus more on VIP clients and business development, and trained my COO in business development strategies.
We collaborated for 6 months, meeting bi-weekly. My sessions with Dora were focused on problem-solving and strategic advice, which suited my preference for a hands-off approach without micro-management.

Psst...Marketing is not sales.

If you expect your marketing to build your business, you are at risk of burning out - or wanting to burn it all down - before you 'make it.'

Tired of wondering where your next clients will come from? This is for you.

If you don't feel inclined to be ever present on social, to build fancy funnels, or to spend hours massaging your messaging, this is for you.

If you are ready to do the work, but need clarity on what work to do, this is for you.

Together, we will map out your most direct path to meeting (and exceeding) your revenue goals.

In just 30 days!

I am on a mission to close the wealth gap for women entrepreneurs by helping them build purposeful, heart driven businesses - that make them life changing amounts of money.


of women in business make less than $100k per year. This is small business poverty and I am not here for it. We deserve better. The world deserves better. The next generation of women is watching us. Let's go!


of women in business reach the million dollar mark. We know how much good comes from money being in the hands of women. I am on my way to making it to this 2% - and I want to take you with me!


Natalie SuppesFounder & CEO of S&S Creative

Dora is a phenomenal business coach. I hired her not because I needed sales tactics (I teach sales at the University of Winnipeg), and have been in corporate sales for 15 years. I hired her because I wanted insight into my business which I didn't have. When we are inside the glass it is hard to see the outside walls.
I knew my business was doing well but the ups and downs rollercoaster ride of entrepreneurship was starting to burn me out. When I started with Dora I had my lowest month in business ever, shortly after I was able to reach my highest month ever. I've onboarded approximately 5 new team members, promoted my team, and have a full roster of dream clients.
I took Dora's advice and implemented it and my business is doing better than ever! If you are looking for a business coach, Dora is your gal!"

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Empowering women isn't new to me. Making life changing amounts of money doing it for my own business was.

I took the leap and left corporate in 2017 and exited a high growth start up in 2020. Over the last few years I've found security as a women entrepreneur and have made more money than all those unfulfilling years working under insane amounts of pressure.
I've gone from $6k months to $200k quarters in my business. I have created multiple $100k months and even $100k in 10 days. Without mastering social media, paid marketing, or using sleazy sales tactics. In 2023, I complemented my formal training in women's leadership from Cornell with certification as a Hello 7 coach. 

I'm not an internet guru.

I've been building sales teams and relationship building for over 300,000 months. I established award winning sales teams in banking in my 20's.
I activated the crowdfunding market for a FinTech start-up before anyone knew what that c word meant. I have coached hundreds of women founders, consultants and c-suite leaders.
In 2023, despite a tough economy, my clients were winning. Fundraising hundreds of millions of dollars. Closing multiple six figure contracts from cold leads. 10x'ing their growth and building a million dollar business - in one year. Going from no business to a $6k month and $60k contracts. Pivoting into multiple six figures. Acquiring dream businesses and exiting established businesses. 

I want you to know this...

Your passion. That spice you have been weaving into your eduction, expertise, and experience for years and years. The skills you have honed at work and embody in life - makes anything possible for you.

We soar together.