BUSINESS COACHING & GROWTH STRATEGY for purpose driven women entrepreneurs

BUSINESS COACHING & GROWTH STRATEGY for purpose driven women entrepreneurs

Those big, brave goals that seem impossible can be your new normal - sooner than you think.


Hindsight is a virtue.

I wasn't supposed to be the one to have 100k months.

Making over $100k in ten days! That certainly wasn't on my radar. Financial security meant working sunup to sun down and gaining the title. Even if it cost me every other security I thought I had. Like Nike, I just did it - 13 hour days at the bank, raising two daughters, being a full time caregiver to my powerhouse Mom who was fighting MS. This was my normal.

Single Mom.12 step recovery.Working through panic attacks.Caretaker to the love of my life.

I had NO idea financial security was actually within ME until I lost the job. 100k months are within reach, even for you. You’ll surprise yourself just like I did. I thought 100k months were for the business owners I was building out a strategic growth plans for in corporate. For the VC backed start up I was grinding away building out for three years. 
Nope! It’s in you. It is for us.
I have tangible evidence that I can do hard things, yes. But most importantly, I also have evidence that my biggest blessings have come out of the hard things. I’ve been in 12 step recovery for more than half my life. 

My reality was often rough, but so are diamonds. I chose to shine.

As women, we have to change the way we think about money. How we treat our businesses. How we believe in ourselves - and others. We need to allow ourselves to be supported. Loved. Coached. Fulfilled. Courageous. 

We have to choose to be powerful.


Going from $6k months to $200k quarters was amazing.
Doing it while supporting rock star clients was the cherry on top!

I believe in business coaching for growth. In 2023, my clients did BIG things:
● Raised 2.3 million in funding● Broke over a million in sales ● 450k sale from a COLD lead● 600k contract from ONE sale

This wasn't supposed to happen.

The economy was fickle.
They didn't have fancy funnels or super fans.
They were quiet in noisy markets.

When I say we soar together, I mean it.

Mover. Shaker.
Heart led change maker.

I get it from my Mom. My first coach. The love of my life. This business was started in her honor, after my sister gave me a reality check. She reflected back to me that I could be using my decades of experience building businesses and activating markets to empower women who can shift paradigms. And that I was uniquely suited to help them do just that - while making sure they own their economic power. What began as Gypsy Soul Coaching (a name that honored my Mom) has grown into Dora Rankin Coaching. A business that will allow me to build a legacy in her honor, while living through her spirit and guiding light. 

I have always disrupted the trends.

I lean on proven insights based on a depth and breadth of experience to get my clients tangible results. Relationship driven results. The good news for authentic, experienced, purpose driven women like you and I - is that these days relationships are a novelty. 
With a strategic growth plan and guidance around execution, you can build your business from relationships that light you up - setting you up for a sustainable and swoon worthy success trajectory. The kind that allows you to be fully present for a powerful purpose driven business AND your family and friends - even the furry ones! 

Ready to navigate growth without nonsense taking over?