BUSINESS COACHING & GROWTH STRATEGY for purpose driven women entrepreneurs

BUSINESS COACHING & GROWTH STRATEGY for purpose driven women entrepreneurs

Learn the exact process that took my private clients from zero to $60K contracts and $300 projects to a $1,000,000+ year

without mastering marketing or spending hours on social media

    Understand exactly how to find your clients - stop waiting for them to find you or wondering where to 'get' them

    Discover how to invite your most ideal clients to work with you - without cold pitching or icky DM conversations

    Build a relationship driven, revenue rich business and a steady pipeline of leads - without paid ads or funnels

Save $300! When you join the April cohort for only $997 $697!

Relying on marketing, referrals, or social media to build your business?

You are leaving hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table.

You will always have some level of anxiety around where your clients are coming from.

IF you don't have a sales plan.

Your success will depend on being found or referred.

You will waste time.

Perfecting your offers, spinning your wheels on social, trying to magnetize your 'soul mate' clients.

What the gurus don't tell you, is that marketing is only one part of a strategic growth plan.

I can teach you all of it. And if you do the work, you might just make life changing amounts of money. 

My $100k months came before I had funnels, freebies, marketing support, or a bunch of social media followers.

My clients aren't attached to their phones or worrying about algorithms. They are exceeding their revenue goals with clarity, confidence, and heart centered connections.


If you follow the process in my marketing and sales course, you can make $100k quarters, months and contracts your new normal.


Working with Dora was transformative for me, especially when I transitioned to full-time in my business. I was initially scattered in my approach, especially regarding our services and team dynamics. Dora's guidance was instrumental in refining our offerings, reorganizing our team structure, and making some challenging but necessary decisions.
One key area Dora helped me with was understanding the value we provide to clients and the workload we handle. This led to a significant increase in our deal size – from an average of $35K to a range of $70K-250K. She also coached me on setting boundaries within the team, allowing me to focus more on VIP clients and business development, and trained my COO in business development strategies.
We collaborated for 6 months, meeting bi-weekly. My sessions with Dora were focused on problem-solving and strategic advice, which suited my preference for a hands-off approach without micro-management.


Learn the same skills Amodhi leveraged to have her first million dollar year.


The HEART Sell Course

I will teach you exactly what you need to do to reach your revenue goals, when to do it, and how

From Starting Smart

Pivoting, starting that side hustle, birthing a new business?

To 7 Figures And Beyond

Ready to take your existing business to the next level?

This is the only online sales training you will ever need.

You choose your platforms and communication channels.

You choose if you want to be on or off social.

You choose who you want to work with.

You choose how you want to build your business.

What you learn in this business sales course will be of value to you for life.

I know...'ve invested a lot of money.

In learning a lot of things.

None of which taught you that you have everything you need to get life changing caliber clients right now.

...or, how to create a sales plan. 

I will make this journey worth your time and energy.

In just three weeks, I will teach you how to...

  • Illustration

    Make Room For More Revenue

      Master the (only) 4 ways to get sales 
      Properly identify, find, and test audiences
      Use less is more marketing to support your sales and growth plans
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    Leverage The Sales & Lead Generation Formula

      Take control of your sales and lead generation - without relying on social media
      Build lists of quality leads (not just quantity)
      Create a steady pipeline of warm and hot leads - without lead magnets
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    Level Up With Pitch Free Prospecting

      Know when and how to reach out to prospects 
      Know what to say when reaching out to potential clients and partners
      Conduct effective, relationship driven outreach - without pitching your services
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    Fall In Love With The HEART Sell

      Finally take the lead on your sales calls
      Get clarity on what to say, when to say it, and why it matters
      Uncover the problems your prospects are ready to pay to solve
      Know when - and if - you should pitch your services - and how to do so

In addition to teaching you all of the above,I will be hosting 2 live hot set coaching sessions!

During these sessions, you can ask me anything as you put everything you have learned into practice!


...complimentary access to The Breakthrough Virtual Retreat replay and resources. Set the stage for success with a simple up-leveling of your framework, flagship offer suite, and goals.

Hey! I'm Dora.

Formerly known as the chic who got women capital to grow their businesses when they couldn’t get it from the bank.

When I left corporate for a leadership role with a brand new Fintech start-up, we were an unknown company with an unknown product (debt crowdfunding), in a new market. I knew I had to make it work. I was determined to get more money in the hands of minority and women business owners by selling this mysterious new product to people who didn’t know it - or our company - existed.
Today, my mission is born of these same roots. I do what I do to get more money in the hands of more women, especially BIPOC women. I walk women who may not be known, who are selling products that may be new to their most exciting potential clients, possibly even exploring new markets, through the same process I used then - to eventually get to where I am now. Where $100k months are made possible with strategic sales, lead generation and marketing planning. If I can teach loan officers sales and lead gen, I can teach you too!


I’m still that chic. Empowering women to live their purpose and own their economic power.

I love helping women increase their earnings and grow their businesses so they can make more impact. The HEART Sell course is my way of making sure that the methods I have honed over the past two decades are available to as many women as possible.

This is more than a course. It's a movement.

Ready? Let's Go!


Join me LIVE April 9th - 25th

We will meet Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12 PM EST

● 6 LIVE (60 minute) sessions - 4 core trainings + 2 coaching hot seat/putting it all together sessions● Recordings and replays● Workbooks and resources (yours to keep!)● Pop Up Facebook group● Complimentary access to the Breakthrough Virtual Retreat replay and resources 
SAVE $300!The next lIve round will be $997! 

Investment: $997 $697


What I love most about working with Dora is that what she’s helping me build is not based on chance, but rather creating building blocks to actually develop a sales plan that is rooted in conversation, connection and mutually aligned value.
The result of these conversations so far?
● A TEDx talk● Speaking on a panel with a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate● 3 closed contracts in process in a week● People who are excited to work with me● Around 7 new conversations per week of people wanting to collaborate/connect
Dora gave me the confidence to say let’s give this a go and I look back and think thank God I didn’t try to do this by myself. I can’t wait to see what’s next for me, I couldn’t be luckier to know that I get to hop on a call with Dora at the end of the week to help me get clarity on the next steps!!!

LAUREN Founder, Travel A Tree That Grows

The business of your dreams can be a reality sooner than you think.


This course is for you if...

    You crave a business built on authentic and mutually beneficial relationships
    You know you are meant for more and feel limited by online marketing tactics
    You are committed and eager to do the work required to level up your business
    You know you are an expert and that your clients need you to solve their problems

This course is not for you if...

    You are not ready or willing to take action on what I teach you
    You insist on prioritizing marketing, social media and shiny objects over sales
    You don't believe that exponential growth is possible for you and your business
    You see business as purely a money play - my people love to make money, but are also acutely purpose driven